This week we focused on Honesty.

This week’s verse

The girls do not have a problem with lying, but I think it is a good thing to always talk about.  We have always talked about telling the truth and how important it is.  So a few weeks ago when I asked Annabelle if she cut her hair, she told me that she did.  I asked her why she told me the truth and she said, “because you already knew that I did.”  I didn’t punish her because I was so proud of her for telling the truth right away.

I had a hard time finding bible stories that were on the girls’ level so we did some other stories and activities.

We made glittery spider webs.  My mom always said this little poem to us:
What a tangled web we weave, when we choose to deceive.
This idea was a little over the girls head, but still a fun craft.

We also played the Truth and Lie Game.  I would tell them something and they would have to decide if it was a truth or a lie.

We watched The Boy Who Cried Wolf and talked about how if we lie people won’t believe us when we do tell the truth.

Then we played this great game!  I told the girls to close their eyes and I would give them some candy.

 But really I put salt on their tongues.

They couldn’t get enough water 🙂

Again I told them I would give them candy. Trusting little girls, I gave them more salt.

Again I said I would give them candy.  Again they trusted me, although it wasn’t as strong.  This time I did give them a chocolate chip.  Then I did it a few more times with sweet treats so they would fully trust me.

The girls had fun with this lesson!

The Lord does not like lying lips, but He is happy with those who tell the truth.
Proverbs 12:22
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Fairy Houses Part II

A Fairy House isn’t complete without a little glitter.
Annabelle and I glittered her house while Ariel took a nap.

The finished houses
Ariel did decide to work on her house a little more.

Annabelle wanted to hang her house in the tree.

We saw this on pinterest and are hoping to create this soon for our fairy friends.
There may be fairies at the bottom of the garden
Richard Dawkins
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Fairy Houses Part I

We bought these Fairy Houses awhile ago and yesterday seemed like a good time to paint and sparkle them.

These little houses were only $1 at Michael’s!

Annabelle worked very carefully to create the design she wanted.  She did a really good job.  She definetly does not get her artistic abilities from my side of the family.  James sister Michal and his mom are both really talented.

Ariel wanted to take a break from her house and decided to do some finger painting.

She left us a little present on the house:)
Whenever the girls paint they always end up wearing it – today was no exception.

Ariel said, “I am getting as dirty as I can!”
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Good Morning

This morning I ate my cereal outside and it was so nice.  So when the girls got up I asked them if they wanted to eat outside.  Of course they did.  I dragged the little picnic table up and we enjoyed a lovely morning outside.

Ariel thought Arianna might like to try her cereal, but she wasn’t interested.

Bubble Time!
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Soaking Up the Sun

Every single day we go to the pool.
We swim, eat popsicles, relax, and get our vitamin D!

Not every little girl can say they float around

the pool with their Great Grandma!

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Week 2 we focused on being Kind.
I think it is so important for my girls to be kind to everyone.

This week’s verse

The girls got to put a sticker on the poster when they were kind.

We talked about how we need to be kind to people who aren’t nice to us (Luke 6:27-36), how Jesus loves the children (Mark 10:13-16), and a few other stories of kindness in the Bible.
I find that when I read right from the Bible it is a little over the girls’ heads so I like to go to Youtube and find the story on there.

We filled two bottles with water and added dirt to one.  Once the dirt settled to the bottom we talked about how the bottles look the same and people look the same on the outside, but once you see inside you learn they may not be kind (the dirty water).

We tried to think of kind things we could do for others, but this was a little hard for the girls.  They kept coming up with sharing their doll or snack while I was thinking making cookies for someone.  Since I didn’t want to discourage them we just kept talking about being nice to our friends and sisters.
I’m sure as we keep talking about it and as they get older they will begin to think about what we can do to help others.

Do onto others as you would have them do to you.
Luke 6:31
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Happy Father’s Day

This is a little late.

James is such a great daddy to the girls.  I wanted to get him something great, but he really doesn’t go for presents so I wasn’t sure what to get him. 
And then it hit me!  James loves the Tigers.  James loves his girls.  How about the girls in Tigers gear?!

I took the girls to have their picture taken wearing sparkly Tigers t-shirts and jean skirts. 
(I do wish the shirts showed more, but the girl kept having them lay down.)
We also gave him a new Tigers t-shirt.
The girls love their shirts.  They wore them to church on Father’s day, which I thought was super cute.  A little different then pinky pie clothes.

Happy Father’s Day to a Daddy who loves his girls more than anything!
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