The Monster

My sister and I really like to watch Infomericals, HSN, and QVC.  Well, there has been one product that I have really wanted to try, but I’ve never been able to call in the next 18 minutes to take a payment off.  

The sun was shining (finally) the other day and I was getting in the Spring Cleaning mood.  As I was looking around the house I realized there were just little areas that really needed some attention.  

I went to Big Lots the other day and found IT!  THE MONSTER STEAMER!!!

They had The Monster for only $30.  I figured that I would give it a try and see if I liked it.  It was a much better price than 3 easy payments of $33.33.  

You would not believe how fun and easy this thing is.  I’ve been able to get into the corners on the counters, the gunk around the sinks, the cupboards, the fridge, and I’ve only just begun.  I’m excited to get my home spic and span with The Monster!

I’ve read reviews, but it seems like the only people leaving reviews are those who are complaining.  I think it works great for me so I’m Happy!

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